God Eater 2 Japanese Release Date 14th November

PS Vita may be missing Monster Hunter, but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of replacements hitting Sony’s portable handheld! God Eater 2 will finally be coming out on the 14th of November while being able to choose from 3 different limited edition packs.



Reported by Siliconera, God Eater 2 will finally be smashing it’s way to the Playstation Vita and the Playstation Portable this winter for Japan. The game will have three different limited editions to choose from as well as the stand alone game.


-The PS Vita X God Eater Fenrir Edition comes with the game, a special PS Vita Design (Think of the Hatsune Miku Vita) with a cleaning cloth and wrist strap.


-Famitsu DX Pack which will have two variations. Both will include a plush, three posters, God Eater 2014 Calendar and a shot glass. This is going for 8,980 Yen.


-The Lala BitMarket Premium Blood Enlistment edition will include a bracelet, an emblem flyer within a special box and 6 button pins, all going for 8,980 Yen.


Just a quick reminder to anyone interested, the demo will be available on the Japanese PSN store from July 24th.


Source: The amazing guys at Siliconera 

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