Gun Gun Pixies Announced in Dengeki from Compile Heart & Shade

Yes, we guessed it. The game teased by Compile Heart & Shade as “Gun X Bishoujo” has been revealed by Dengeki to be Gun Gun Pixies. It’s a game where you play as tiny moe pixie ladies with guns. Hence the title of the game!




It’s a gun based action adventure where you play as two pixies trying to save the world from alien invaders… in a girl’s dormitory of course. These body snatchers pose as normal girls. But you will have to take them down. Take a look at the screenshots showing the colossal combat that you can expect to see!








I usually get some enjoyment from playing a game where you are a smaller thing in a big area. The Toy Story 2 video game was amazing, though it looks like this will be going in a slightly different direction…




We’ll have more on Gun Gun Pixies as it comes! It will be heading to PlayStation Vita.

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