Japanese Video Game Chart Analysis – Week 31

Disney’s global media domination continues with the emphatic triumph of Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. Taking number 1 this week and interestingly published by Namco Bandai Games, Disney Magic Castle managed to shift over 119,000 units in just 3 days.


Following on from Disney’s social goliath Pheonix Wright comes in at number 2 adding an additional 40,000 units to its already impressive 250,000 lifetime sales.


Elsewhere Mario and Luigi: Dream Team climbs from 5th to 3rd despite experiencing a 26% decrease in sales from week 30 to 32, 537 units.




Finally Friend Collection: New Life and Killer Is Dead round out the top 5 this week shifting 21, 313 units and 17, 709 units respectively.


Other notable releases this week include the Playstation Vita RPG, Mindzero, with 15, 575 sales, and horror title Shiratsuyu no Kai shifting 6, 187 units down at number 19.




The complete sales chart can be found below.


Position Game Console Sales Publisher


Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life 3DS 119, 154 Bandai Namco Games
         2. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies 3DS 40, 203 Capcom
         3. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS 32, 537 Nintendo
         4. Friend Collection: New Life 3DS 21, 313 Nintendo
         5. Killer Is Dead PS3 17, 709 Kadokawa Games
         6. The Witch and the Hundred Knights PS3 16, 131 Nippon Ichi Software
         7. Mindzero PSV 15, 575 Acquire
         8. Youkai Watch 3DS 13, 819 Level 5
         9. Dragon’s Crown PSV 13, 772 Atlus
       10. Dragon’s Crown PS3 13, 714 Atlus
       11. Fantasy Life: Link! 3DS 10, 487 Level 5
       12. Pikmin 3 WIU 10, 342 Nintendo
       13. Animal Crossing: New Life 3DS 9, 620 Nintendo
       14. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 3DS 8, 481 Nintendo
       15. LEGO City Undercover WIU 7, 772 Nintendo
       16. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS 7, 595 Nintendo
       17. Earth Defence Force 2025 PS3 7, 445 D3 Publisher
       18. Little Battlers eXperience W: Ultra Custom 3DS 7, 287 Level 5
       19. Shiratsuyu no Kai PSP 6, 187 Idea Factory
       20. Hoppechan: Tsukette! Asonde! Punipuni Town! 3DS 6, 016 Nippon Columbia


Chart Round Up

Highest Selling Game On Wii U – Pikmin 3                         

Highest Selling Game On Xbox 360 – N/A

Highest Selling Game On Playstation 3 – Killer Is Dead

Highest Selling Game On Nintendo 3DS – Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life

Highest Selling Game on Playstation Vita – Mindzero

Highest Selling Game on Nintendo Wii – N/A


Game Of The Week – Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life


Disney Magic Castle offers players the opportunity to own and manage a cafe whilst partaking in various activities within the wonderful world of Disney. From fishing to monster hunting, the game provides a wide selection of different game play elements with players tasked with unlocking over 1000 Disney related items.



Featuring over 80 characters from the infamous Disney vault the title imaginatively utilises the various characters and offers players the opportunity to socialise with their childhood favourites in their own respective worlds.


With such a bright start and strong utilisation of Western favourites it’s hard to believe this title won’t reach European shores sometime in the near future. For those holding out for an English release, expect to hear more information from Namco Bandai soon.

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