Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

We can almost taste the sea-salt ice cream, Kingdom Hearts III is almost here, with the promise of finishing a story more complex than choosing all of the options in a ‘choose you own adventure’. With only two weeks to release, Square-Enix yesterday revealed the Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonuses.


These bonuses were revealed via three trailers, that show off the three exclusive keyblades Kingdom Hearts III players can get their hands on when they pre-order the title from Amazon, the PlayStation Store, or the Xbox Games Store. Amazon pre-orders will get the Dawn Till Dusk keyblade, PS4 pre-orders will get the Midnight Blue keyblade, and Xbox One pre-orders will get the Phantom Green keyblade.


First is the Dawn Till Dusk keyblade with Amazon pre-orders. This will give the abilities “Fire Up”, which increases damage dealt by fire attacks, and “Firegan”, which is a situation command. This also adds cute little moons when you smack stuff about, so that’s a thing too.



Secondly, the Midnight Blue keyblade for Playstation pre-orders. This will give the abilities “Blizzard Up” and “Blizzagan”, which increase the damage dealt by blizzard attacks and add a new situation command respectively; also adding little Playstation symbols as particle effects.



Finally, the Phantom Green keyblade for the Xbox One. This keyblade will increase damage by thunder attacks with “Thunder Up” and add the situation command “Thundagan” to your ability roster. As well as this, using this keyblade has little Xbox logos flying about upon hits.



Thank you to Gematsu for reporting on the details of these three keyblades. Which one do you most like of these three? Do you think these will inspire you to pre-order from somewhere in particular? Have you already pre-ordered the game? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook, and check back for more Kingdom Hearts coverage as well as other Japanese games!


Kingdom Hearts III launches on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. If you fancy the Dusk Till Dawn keyblade, you can pre-order from Amazon here!

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