Legend of Mana out now on mobile

This year’s Legend of Mana Remaster is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Priced at £19.49 (a relatively high price for a mobile game, but still cheaper than its console and PC counterparts), the Legend of Mana remaster brings improved graphics, an optional new soundtrack, and a previously-unreleased mini game.

It’s also the first time this game has been made available in Europe — many Square titles from the SNES-PS1 era ended up not releasing in the region.

It’s great that Square Enix has been re-releasing many of its classic titles on modern platforms, with some like Saga Frontier Remastered also restoring cut content. With rumours of a Chrono Cross remaster popping up over the past year, it seems like the company will continue to bring older titles to a wider audience.

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