Super Mario x Levi’s Clothing Line Coming

 Super Mario x Levi’s Clothing Line Coming

Clothing brand Levi’s are teaming up with Nintendo to release a Super Mario themed clothing line, and it’s certainly colourful. The announcement came last week, but since then we’ve got a look at some of the pieces – I’m not sure you’d catch me wearing any of this but you know, some people will.




super mario x levi's super mario x levi's


The more outgoing among us may be all over these Super Mario themed clothes, I think I would maybe go for the red hoodie, or the denim jacket at a push, but I’m not really that fashion forward. Japanese prices have been revealed for the products, but there’s no official pricing for the West yet. The clothes themselves obviously feature plenty of nods to Super Mario, including characters like Toad and Bullet Bill.


Japanese Prices:


  • ‘93 501 Selvedge Jeans – ¥16,000 (roughly $148)
  • ‘93 501 Shorts – ¥8,000 (roughly $74)
  • Overalls/Coveralls – ¥16,000 (roughly $148)
  • Trucker Jacket – ¥14,000 (roughly $130)
  • Crew Neck T-shirts – ¥4,000 (roughly $37)
  • Hoodie – ¥9,000 (roughly $83)
  • Polo Shirt – ¥6,000 (roughly $55)
  • 501 Crop – ¥15,000 (roughly $139)
  • 501 Shorts – ¥7,000 (roughly $64)
  • Short Overalls/Coveralls – 10,000 (roughly $92)
  • Dad Trucker Jacket – ¥14,000 (roughly $128)


Thanks to SiliconEra for the prices!


The collection is due to launch on April 1 in Japan, with no set release date yet for the West.



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