Minecraft Steve joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo has just announced the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter. These reveals, with their countdowns and flashy trailers, are always exciting, but this was a particularly big one: it’s Minecraft Steve!

Not just Steve, actually. You’ll also be able to play as other Minecraft characters and enemies, including Alex, Enderman and Zombie. There’ll be at least one Minecraft-themed stage added to the game as well.

The trailer that came with the announcement showed off the diamond sword, TNT, and anvil attacks that you probably would’ve expected. Interestingly, Minecraft Steve also seems to have some kind of building ability, and Masahiro Sakurai hinted that they’d had to rework all existing stages so that blocks could be placed in them. I won’t speculate on that any further, as a more detailed explanation is coming in just two days time, with a show scheduled for October 3 at 15:30 BST.

It’s worth watching the announcement trailer, both for the snazzy cinematics and because Sakurai is pretty hilarious. After a couple of relatively underwhelming Smash reveals, it’s nice to see one that really knocks it out the park.

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