Eathbound Beginnings: Mother is Finally Getting a Western Release

While they haven’t yet given their main presentation, Nintendo have still made some announcements for E3. One of the most exciting so far is that Mother the 1989 Famicom game which had never seen release outside of Japan, is finally going to be made available on Western shores! Retitled EarthBound Beginnings the game has been released in the Wii U eShop.


The game is available to download right now!




The trailer just gives us a glimpse of the classic game we’ll soon be given access to. It brings up a lot of exciting questions too; have they had somebody translate it especially for this release? If so, perhaps that means that other Japan-only well be released here in future (I’m looking at the Fire Emblem series). However, it is known that Nintendo translated the game around the time it was originally made, but due to the fact the NES was near the end of its life, it was never released outside of Japan.


So, if Nintendo are releasing their ‘complete but unreleased’ titles, maybe we’d be able to see Star Fox 2 on the Virtual Console as well? Of course, we’d need Star Fox first! With the recent addition of N64 games to the library and now a translation of a twenty-six year old game, I think this is an exciting time for the Virtual Console. What next? Diddy Kong Racing?

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