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Nintendo New Year Sale Starts Today

Nintendo have announced that their 2020 Nintendo New Year Sale begins today on the eSHOP. We’ve listed the main highlights of the sale below but be sure to check out the eSHOP yourself for even more deals. Perfect if you have some money left over after all the Christmas sales!     Highlighted deals:   […]Read More

Cat Quest Switch Announced & Release Date Trailer

The Gentlebros’ adorable cat-based quest ’em up isn’t only coming to PlayStation 4 10th November 2017, but also digitally to Nintendo Switch in Europe & North America! A fusion between Diablo style gameplay and the likes of Skyrim, Cat Quest is a pawesome game to wile away the time with.     Focusing on real-time […]Read More

No Virtual Console Games On Switch At Launch

Yep. Nintendo have just announced that there will be no Virtual Console games on the Switch at launch. Zero. None at all. When will they be coming? Who knows? Nobody apparently. “Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch. We will share more information in the future.”     Oops. Alas. […]Read More

Five Japanese Games We Are Excited for in February

As the years go by the number of Japanese-related-games released into the western market increases on a gradual bases; but throughout February 2016 a whole host of Japanese games will be released and today we will be sharing five of our favourites.   Be advised these games have been listed in the order that they will be […]Read More

Return to PopoloCrois Heading to Europe and Australia

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale is coming to Europe and Australia in in Q1 this year. This series of games was for very long exclusive to Japan, with the only western release being the PSP game in 2005.     Finally western audiences will be able to enjoy this unique series on […]Read More

Wild Gunman Comes to the Virtual Console – The Nintendo

So we’re now officially living in the future. I’m sure most of you already know this, but Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 was the date that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown travelled to in Back to the Future Part II and so everyone’s been quite excited about that. Including Nintendo! Yes, to celebrate […]Read More

New Z-Assist Character for Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Demo!

The demo for Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden game has already released to great success — already securing over 80,000 downloads in its first week. To celebrate Bandai Namco have unveiled a secret new Z-Assist character for the Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden demo, which was already in the game! To unlock […]Read More

Eathbound Beginnings: Mother is Finally Getting a Western Release

While they haven’t yet given their main presentation, Nintendo have still made some announcements for E3. One of the most exciting so far is that Mother the 1989 Famicom game which had never seen release outside of Japan, is finally going to be made available on Western shores! Retitled EarthBound Beginnings the game has been […]Read More

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection – Enhanced Classics

Fans have been wondering what’s been going on with Mega Man for a while, with many still bitter about the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. But with Capcom’s announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collection it looks like the Wii U could potentially be knocked aside as my classic Mega Man console of choice. And it’s […]Read More