Physical NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 pre-orders start next week

Limited Run Games has announced that pre-orders will open for physical copies of NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 on Switch starting April 22 at 12PM ET/5PM BST.

A physical print run was already revealed during the collection’s launch trailer, but Limited Run Games has also confirmed that there’ll be a Collector’s Edition too.

The NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 Collector’s Edition will come with a copy of the game, along with a two-sided poster, steelbook case, and a retrospective book covering everything featured in the collection. This will all be contained within a box that mimics the style of classic NeoGeo Pocket packaging.

NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection physical limited

Both physical versions will be available for pre-order on the Limited Run Games website for four weeks.

Meanwhile, Pix’n Love has also announced a physical edition for Volume 1, with pre-orders starting April 22 at 2PM BST. This one should be easier to get for European customers, though the contents will likely differ from LRG’s offering.

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