Pokemon Movie Collection Review (Anime)

To many, the original trilogy of Pokemon movies are a great source of enjoyment and nostalgia, and they’re still that today but now they’re at their best remastered Blu-Ray and DVD! A lot of things that went over my head as a kid are being realised now, and I wouldn’t deny that these films are still fantastic.
The first Pokemon movie is the best known and one of the most successful animated movies of all-time, and with good reason as it’s a thrill for children with some important life lessons – Mewtwo drops some wisdom towards the end, and the movie is thought-provoking in ways you might not have expected it to be. Ash and Pikachu star across the 3 of them as the lead heroes whilst the supporting cast changes as it covers up until the third generation of Pokemon, and all 3 movies are exciting, nostalgic adventures that not only allow me to relive some fond memories, but also helps me to realise just how truly amazing these films still are – don’t worry if you’re new to them, you’ll become a fan soon enough!
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All 3 movies are exciting, nostalgic adventures.

The remasters, especially on Blu-Ray, are better than I expected them to be – I certainly didn’t expect them to be widescreen! The 3 movies boast some terrific Pokemon designs, fluid and colourful animation and intense battles – the last fight in the first movie is nothing less than awe-inspiring, and you’ll be excused if you shed a few tears. They’re showing their age but they do no less than impress me, maybe more so because of how well they still stand up today with their almost entirely traditional hand-drawn animation. I felt extremely happy seeing characters and creatures that I adored as a child once again, and it couldn’t have released at a better time as Pokemon Sun & Moon are almost out – or are out, depending where you live.
The English Dub is memorable and the dialogue can be hilarious and touching, and some of the lines had me burst out in laughter whilst hearing Pikachu’s various emotions through only one word could be heart-breaking. Pokemon’s dub is wonderful and I’m glad that it was included, especially as no other language was included – not even Japanese, and no subtitles whatsoever which is rather odd. The music is a mixed bag with the first film blasting out a pretty catchy Pokemon theme remix, although some of the tunes made for the English versions of the film feel a bit out of place in pretty much all aspects.
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The 3 movies are still exceptional today.

The 3 Pokemon movies are brilliant and I’m happy that they’re finally available on Blu, although they’re missing extras which are hard to ignore. These are only the movies, so the short Pikachu movies such as Pikachu’s Vacation are completely omitted which is a great shame, and the lack of subtitles is poor – the steelbook is pretty bland, too. Fortunately, the 3 movies are still exceptional today with outstanding animation, with stories and characters who can appeal to people of all ages, and it’s been nice revisiting them. The Pokemon movie collection comes highly recommended and stands among Manga UK’s greatest licenses.

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