Pokemon Movie Collection 1-3 are coming to the UK

We might be a little late to the party on this one because we’ve been debating which of the first three Pokemon movies is the best one and, well, there’s no clear winner yet. I think everyone can agree on the fact that your heart breaks a little bit everytime you see Pikachu cry at the end of the first movie, though, and that the 3 movies that make up the Pokemon Movie Collection are all fantastic.
This is the first time that the original Pokemon movies have come to Blu-Ray within the UK, and now you can pick them up in one collection complete with a collector’s steelbook! They’ll be available on DVD too, of course! Have a look at the Blu-Ray steelbook art below.
pokemon movie collection

The Pokemon Movie Collection releases on 14th November in the UK which is the same month that Pokemon Sun and Moon release, so November is looking to be a month full of bonding with Pokemon!

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