Pokémon Stars to Release in 2030 (According to Amazon for Some Reason)

It wouldn’t be the first time Amazon has jumped the gun on listing a product, but Pokémon Stars being listed as releasing in 2030 is a little much. Especially considering no game with that title has been announced. It was, at one point, the theorised name for a Pokémon Sun & Moon Switch port that has not been announced.


Pokémon Stars’ expected announcement instead ended up being for Pokken Tournament DX for Switch, and Pokémon Stars Ultra Sun & Moon for Nintendo 3DS. During their E3 Showcase, Nintendo did announce an RPG Pokémon is currently in development for Switch, but did not elaborate with a name or exactly how it will play.


Nintendo America President & COO Reggie Fils-Aime has since said that it will be “a traditional find, battle, train type experience”, though that doesn’t guarantee a standard Pokémon game.


This game logo mock-up may be for a game that will never exist.


It’s not unusual for Amazon to list a bunch of games announced at E3 once the show is over. The “2030” release date appears on most of the products for which no release date has yet to be announced, so this seems to be the standard placeholder.


It could be the case that this Pokémon Stars listing is simply meant to refer to this unnamed Pokémon Switch RPG, though it would be much better form to list it as such. Something like Pokémon RPG (Switch) would be a lot more reasonable.


Ishihara-san announced that Game Freak are working on an unnamed Pokémon RPG for Switch during the E3 Nintendo Spotlight.


It could be that this is an assumed title for the listing that hasn’t been changed or altered yet, or it could be that Amazon has some information that we don’t. Still, we have (by their calculations) 13 years to get to the bottom of it, so there’s no rush to lock your pre-order in.


As it is, whatever this Pokémon Stars product is that’s listed on Amazon is £69.99, and is even available on Amazon’s Prime Service. It will release in 2030 (or so the listing says).

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