Rabi-Ribi Console Release Date Revealed

The bunny hopping fusion between bullet hell and Metroidvania will be released onto consoles in Europe 1st September 2017, PQube have revealed. This indie hit will be kicking up a storm on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita pretty soon, for console fans to enjoy the excellent mixture of gameplay styles.


After waking up in a strange place in a strange body, Erina sets out to find her way back home, but what mysterious events have placed her in this unusual situation and what hidden threats loom over her home of Rabi-Ribi island? Explore vast levels, uncover secrets, level up, utilize over 60 items and power-ups and defeat powerful enemies on your way to becoming the defender of Rabi-Ribi island.


A lot of indie games are made in the style of Metroidvania and bullet hell, but few combine the two, and only a small percentage can match up to the slick feeling grace of Rabi-Ribi. We reviewed the game back when it released on Steam and loved it, so those who’ve been waiting to see if it’ll be getting a console release shouldn’t wait around.



A lot of love went into Rabi-Ribi and its visible in every aspect of the game. With the excellent gameplay, extremely cute visuals, beautiful artwork, an amazing soundtrack, enjoyable characters, and humorous story and references, Rabi-Ribi may very well be ranked among the best games of the year. — Our review, 2016

Rabi-Ribi will be releasing 1st September 2017 in Europe — physically onto the PlayStation 4, and digitally onto the PlayStation Vita.

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