Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition

Since October it’s been difficult to have a conversation about Japanese games on the 3DS — or even 3DS games in general — without running into people singing the praises of Rune Factory 4. In the EU this exploded recently with its release in the EU eShop on December 11th. We’re big fans of the series — here’s our review! We’re very excited to announce with teamed up with Marvelous to bring you another competition!


Previously we teamed up to celebrate Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! with our Rude Food competition, so for Rune Factory 4 we decided to do something pretty different. Different food, in a different format.




Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition

Start Date:


Voting Begins:

19/12/14 @ 11am

End Date:

22/12/14 @ 11am



x1 £15 eShop voucher & an eShop code for Rune Factory 4 (for the winner)

x2 eShop codes for Rune Factory 4 (for 2nd and 3rd place)



1. Submit one Rune Factory-related “Monster Veg” picture. Go grab some veg (fruit is allowed too) and make a monster out of it. Drawings are allowed, but actual food-craftiness is encouraged!

2. Pictures must be verified! Not just taken off google images (can do this by including a dated piece of paper with #RF4MonsterVeg written on it).

3. One entry per person.

4. Entrants must be from UK & Europe

5. Via Twitter, submit pictures to both @RiceDigital and @marvelous_games with #RF4MonsterVeg OR send a message to the Rice Digital Facebook page with your entry. We will share the images around at this stage, but this will not affect the voting process!

6. For voting the images will be uploaded to a Facebook album hosted on our Rice Digital Facebook page. The images with the most “likes” by the community will win.

7. You must eat your five a day.


The Rice Digital Facebook page can be found here:


We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Good luck! ^-^



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