Sexy Persona Pictures: What’s in Our Ultimax Fan Edition and Persona Q Bundle?

Yeah, sure, we already made one of the best unboxing videos ever to grace YouTube for our exclusive Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan Edition. It includes tarot cards and an exclusive Junes t-shirt and, alarmingly, is still available on our store. But that wasn’t enough. Let’s slow things down and look at some top tier sexy Persona pictures of both our Ultimax Fan Edition and our Persona Q Bundle, available in the Rice Digital Store.


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan Edition


First off we’ve got Teddie sporting the lovely and stylish Junes t-shirt that’s exclusive to the Fan Edition. And, what’s that? The Fan Edition is exclusive to Rice Digital and still available here? That’s fantastic. I wear one of these t-shirts myself. It’s great at covering my body, making me look “kickin’ rad”, and also helping me be identified by other Persona fans. “Do you like Persona?” they ask me, their voice quivering with intimidation at my excessive display of pure unadulterated fanism. “Yes,” I reply. “Yes I do.”


IMG_20141121_111412-Sexy Persona Pictures
“Y-y-y-yes Mr. Teddie. I’m just writing the article about it now. No, sorry Mr. Teddie. Sorry. I didn’t mean to–“


Next we have Nanako taking a break from her ridiculously oversized mug of coffee to show of the set of tarot cards that come in the Fan Edition. As you can see they’re pretty large, good quality tarot cards. They’re absolutely perfect for seeing what destiny lies in store for you! But, we’re guessing it will be more Persona related than Destiny, if you get my drift (the joke is that they are both video games).


IMG_20141121_112204-smaller-Sexy Persona Pictures
Nanako attempts to summon amazing deals at Rice Digital… she succeeds.


And, of course, what you’ve all been waiting for! No, not Yukiko, but Persona 4 Arena Ultimax itself! Look at it frolicking in the wild, its manual hanging loose for all the world to see, showing of some of the sweet, sweet combos you can perform. The game was developed by Arc System Works, who you’ll all know we are massive fans of. They’re best known for their amazing fighting series BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, so you know Ultimax really is the best that it can be! Trust me, we’ve got it in the office, it really is!


IMG_20141121_111722-smaller-Sexy Persona Pictures
Yukiko always plays with the combos out, which, as far as I’m concerned, makes her a dirty cheater.


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is out now! But, not to worry, our Fan Edition is definitely still available. Pick it up right here!


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Pre-Order Bundle


Of course we couldn’t show off the awesome Chie’s Badge Set without Chie having to get herself involved! That’s right, we can tell its her even behind those glasses that guard her nose so well. Whether she’s the best girl or not might not be for me to decide, but you yourself can now vie to be the best girl in your own group of friends by wearing these fashionable badges with pride!


IMG_20141121_111538-smaller-Sexy Persona Pictures
Yes, badges larger than Chie herself. Could it get any better?


Rise is definitely the best for some people. Others… others prefer Teddie. They’re both charming characters, that’s for sure. But if you pre-order Persona Q with us you’ll also receive this marvellous Double Teddie Keyring as well as the Chie’s Badge Set! Dangling from the ring is both Mr. Teddie himself and a television set. “Why is there a television on your keys?” some may ask. Smile to yourself and be content in the knowledge that you know why, as do all of the cool people in the world.


Struggle all you want Teddie, you can’t escape Rise.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth comes out for Nintendo 3DS next Friday, 28 Nov! We can’t wait! It’s a good thing we have Ultimax to tide us over! You can grab a Persona Q pre-order from us to get all these goodies right here!


Our click-bait thumbnail comes from some excellent fanart by DeviantArt user content5, which is fully viewable here if that’s, y’know, your thing.







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