Shining Resonance Refrain is Finally Bringing Shining Force Back to the West, Draconic Edition Announced

For many, Sega’s Shining JRPG series will be best remembered as Shining Force back in the 16-bit era. After this, the series has received patchy western releases, tailing off almost completely after 2007. But, with Shining Resonance Refrain, the series is making a western comeback.


Shining Resonance Refrain is an enhanced version of the Japanese exclusive Shining Resonance for PS3. This version remasters the visuals, adds in a new “refrain mode” (a what-if side story that’s unlocked right off the bat), two new party members, and all of the PS3 game’s DLC.



The announcement trailer emphasises that the series hasn’t been properly released in the west for over 10 years (spin-off Steam game Blade Arcus from Shining doesn’t seem to count).


You play as Yuma Irvan on a quest to stop the Empire from misusing the power of the ancient dragons, including the Shining Dragon that lives inside him. Naturally, you’ll be using the power of your dragon alongside the help of your friends to do so.



You explore dungeons and open maps (with zones), engaging in real-time battles in a way that’s not dissimilar to the Tales Of series. Battles you encounter are transitionless, and happen right there and then when you run into an enemy.


For the collectors out there, Shining Resonance Refrain’s western release will be joined by the Draconic Launch Edition. These pre-orders will be the same price as the standard release, and come with a metallic slip case.



Shining Resonance Refrain is heading westward in Summer 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. In Japan, the game is releasing for PlayStation 4 on 29th March 2018.

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