Shoji Meguro leaves Atlus to go freelance, will debut new music at Indie Live Expo

Atlus has announced that composer Shoji Meguro will now be pursuing a freelance career.

However, this does not mean that he’ll stop working with Atlus in the future. Meguro will still work alongside the company on new titles, while also handling projects elsewhere.

In fact, we’ll get to see some of his independent work soon at Indie Live Expo Winter 2021, including the game MegaRock and a new music composition.

Indie Live Expo Winter 2021 takes place on November 6 at 12AM PDT, with Japanese video game music cover artists Dainashi, Shamio, and KiRIKo also featuring some of their indie OST covers at the event.

We’re looking forward to seeing (or rather listening to) what Shoji Meguro does next. His work was already quite varied, even on the Persona series, so this change in career should allow for even more creativity.

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