The Silver Case Extra Chapters Coming to PC (Finally)

The Silver Case‘s remastered released on PC at the end of last year, quite a ways ahead of its PlayStation 4 release back in April this year. The edge it did have? Two extra chapters that add a bit more to the game’s ending, and connect it to its sequel, The 25th Ward. But now, The Silver Case extra chapters are finally coming to PC.


These chapters, Whiteout Prologue and Yami, were always planned to head to PC, but it was unclear when it was going to happen. Now, it’s been announced that these two chapters will be added to the PC release on 30th May. This follows the recent announcement at BitSummit of a remaster of The 25th Ward.




We really loved The Silver Case, so if this has been holding you back on picking it up, now’s the time to jump on in. It’s one of Suda 51’s earliest games, and Grasshopper Manufacturer’s actual first.


Originally it released on PlayStation 1 in 1999, but in Japanese only. This remaster is the first time it’s been available in English. The 25th Ward suffered the same treatment, while also being limited to a mobile-only release.


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Whiteout Prologue and Yami are both extremely short chapters, but they are penned by Suda 51 and Masahi Ooka themselves, who both wrote The Silver Case together. They might be short, but they do give some clearer and more satisfying closure to the events of the game, while also setting some new hooks in motion and referencing The 25th Ward.


The Silver Case extra chapters will be coming to PC via Steam on 30th May 2017.

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