Sony’s Big in Japan 2020 sale is now on.

Sony‘s yearly Big in Japan sale has started today, cutting prices on hundreds of Japanese games.

There’s a lot to choose from, and if you’re planning on picking up a PS5 in November, this would be the best time to stock up on games. The PS5 wont exactly have a crazy amount of games at launch, so you may as well play through some solid PS4 titles instead.

Here are a few of our recommendations for games you should pick up during the sale.

GameOriginal PriceNew PriceDiscountWhy You Should Buy
The Yakuza Remastered Collection£49.99£28.9942%They may feel a little dated if you’re used to Yakuza 0 and the Kiwami remakes, but these are still three enjoyable games.
Raging Loop£24.99£14.9940%If you’re looking for a unique setting for a visual novel, Raging Loop maybe up your alley.
Tokyo Xanadu eX+£49.99£9.9980%While it may not bear much resemblance to the older Xanadu games, Tokyo Xanadu is a decent action RPG at a great price.
Gal*Gun Double Peace – Ultimate Edition£32.99£19.7940%Fancy some lewd in your life? The Ultimate Edition gives you even more costumers and ‘size’ modifiers!
Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!£49.99£9.9980%Easy to pick up, but hard to master. A varied selection of songs will keep you playing for hours.
Tales of Berseria£15.99£3.1980%A breath of fresh air after the mediocre Tales of Zesteria. A good entry for newcomers to the series as well.
GUILTY GEAR Xrd Rev.2£34.99£5.2485%The award winning fighting game is a huge 85% off, and a great way to get to grips with an ArcSys fighter!
Castlevania Anniversary Collection£15.99£3.9975%Before Konami’s fall from grace, they released some of the best games out there. Also worth picking up the other collections during this sale.

The Big in Japan sale runs from now until October 7 at 23.59pm BST/ 2.59am EST.

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