Steins;Gate biscuits exist in this world

I have a massive love for odd and unusual curios, and nowhere is this kind of thing more rife than in Japan. So, imagine my joy when I discovered that such a thing as Steins;Gate biscuits exist. Yes, you heard that right, limited edition cookies with Steins;Gate characters printed on them!


For a paltry 800¥, you can purchase a set of ten cookies imprinted with three of the lovely ladies of Steins Gate (photographed below), and the thoughts on them in the office, include: “like shortbread only crunchier, “almost as moist as the story”, “6.5/10, would eat again”, “pleasant buttery aftertaste”, and “I was enjoying the biscuit until someone told me that Command & Conquer was coming back as a mobile game”.



Would you like some Steins;Gate cookies? Or have you found any interesting gaming-related trinkets on your travels? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. Also, keep an eye here on Rice Digital for more wonderful weirdness from Japan in the future.

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