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Nurse Love Syndrome Review (PS Vita) – Not Bitten by

Being somewhat familiar with Nurse Love Addiction from the same series, I knew better than to take Nurse Love Syndrome at its fairly plain, unassuming face value. Or so I thought. In the case of Nurse Love Syndrome, it turns out what you see is largely what you get. It’s got its good points, but […]Read More

Groove Coaster Review (Steam) – Just Coasting Along

From its humble mobile origins to an array of arcade installments and now Steam, Groove Coaster has certainly picked up traction! I’ve got to say, I had pretty high hopes for it from the trailer. Its cute anime avatar and sense of movement unusual to many rhythm games drew me in, but delving below the […]Read More

Space Invaders Extreme Review (PC)

Space Invaders is one of those classic games that over the years got revamped, modified and extended many times over. Despite this, Space Invaders Extreme takes what made the original great and ramps it up with modern additions.   Space Invaders Extreme came out in 2008 on handheld consoles of the time, Nintendo DS, and […]Read More

Senko no Ronde 2 Review (PC)

Senko no Ronde 2 is finally available for western audiences to enjoy on both PlayStation 4 and PC. Senko no Ronde 2’s gameplay is very much like that of Touhou Gensou Rondo: Bullet Ballet which we had a pleasure of reviewing around the same time last year.   Well actually, Touhou Gensou Rondo was heavily […]Read More

Nurse Love Addiction Now Available on PS Vita

With cute art, branching paths, and some unexpected turns, yuri visual novel Nurse Love Addiction is now available on PS Vita! Follow Asuka Osachi as she trains to become a nurse, and learns about love as well as medicine along the way! Take a look at a trailer below:     After releasing on Steam […]Read More

The Shoot ’em up Castle of Shikigami Released on Steam

Here is some good news if you’re into classic shoot ’em ups! Degica has released Castle of Shikigami on Steam, a game originally released in 2001 in Japan. It was later localized in North America and Europe under the name Mobile Light Force 2 but.. forget about that.   When XS Games first localized Castle […]Read More

Symphonic Rain HD Remaster Coming to Steam June 15th

A Symphonic Rain HD remaster, featuring remastered artwork by original artist and character designer Siro, is coming to Steam on June 15th! Symphonic Rain is a visual novel with rhythm game elements. Check out the Steam release trailer below:     Symphonic Rain tells the poignant story of Chris, a young man who left his girlfriend […]Read More

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review – The Golden Era of Shmups Returns

We have an exciting release on Steam with Dodonpachi Resurrection, a modernized arcade classic. Cave, the prominent arcade shmup developer, with the help of Degica didn’t disappoint with this release, as it is packed with content and should bring about hours of fun.   As part of the Dodonpachi series of shmups, Dodonpachi Resurrection, or […]Read More

DoDonPachi Resurrection Coming to Steam 14th October

We get excited for every Cave shooter releasing on PC, and DoDonPachi Resurrection is no exception. It comes out on 14th October on Steam and we can’t be more hyped!   DoDonPachi Resurrection is the fifth game in the series and it was released in 2008 in the arcades. What followed was the release of Xbox 360 and iOS/Android versions […]Read More