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Samurai Shodown Is Coming To PC

Samurai Shodown is heading to the Epic Games Store this spring! There’s no word on a Steam release yet, but the news came in an Epic Games Store Spring trailer. Samurai Shodown is spreading out rapidly at the moment, after its recent release on Nintendo Switch.   The news first broke via an Epic Games […]Read More

Samurai Shodown Season 2 Roster Revealed

SNK have revealed MOST of the new Samurai Shodown season 2 roster in a brand new trailer! The new season will be ready to go with the Nintendo Switch version that launches on February 25th. The season 2 roster brings back three fighters from past games, and they’re characters that fans definitely want!   Catch […]Read More

SoulCalibur VI Haohmaru Trailer Released

EVO Japan has given us a new trailer for SoulCalibur VI featuring Haohmaru, a guest character from Samurai Shodown. Haohmaru is the second character in the Season Pass 2. There’s no release date yet for him, and there’s still 2 more characters to be revealed within the Season Pass 2.   Catch the trailer here: […]Read More

New Samurai Shodown Characters To Be Revealed Tomorrow!

Ever since the announcement of the game, we have been excited for more new about Samurai Shodown characters, and this was only made far greater by the hype trailer that came out of PAX East. During this event as well, we saw the first brand new character, Darli Dagger, but more on her in a moment. […]Read More

Samurai Shodown Set For Release In June For PS4 and

I’m a big fighting game player. I might not be very good at them (arguably), but I love them all the same. So, I’m glad that the legendary SNK have made somewhat of a comeback recently with The King of Fighters XIV, and the upcoming Samurai Shodown.   SNK have announced that the latter of […]Read More

Main Stage EVO 2019 Line-Up Revealed!

I’m a huge fighting game fan. I mean, I’m not very good at them but I enjoy playing them, and really enjoy watching them. I destroy my sleeping pattern annually watching EVO (because of those US timezone things), and so I’ve been looking forward to the EVO 2019 line-up.   Via a video last night, […]Read More

Samurai Shodown Is Returning On PS4 Next Year!

I’m a pretty huge fan of fighting games, and this includes pretty much anything in the genre. So I’m one of those people that is constantly screaming into the void for the franchises I love to come back. Occasionally though, the developers or publishers will listen, and so we have a new Samurai Shodown coming […]Read More

Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored Heads West

SNK has announced that Samurai Shodown V Special, which was once the center of controversy for its high level of violence, will be releasing on PS4 and Vita in its true uncensored form later this Summer. The game features people being cut in half, excess blood and some man-eating demon thing.     Watch the […]Read More

ACA NEOGEO: Samurai Shodown 4 Review – Fair and Square

Fighting games can be a complicated business. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit fighting games of old, when things were (in some cases) a bit simpler. Which isn’t to say Samurai Shodown 4: Amakusa’s Revenge doesn’t have depth, but it’s wonderfully compelling in its delicious simplicity and penchant for brutal, decisive strikes.   A mysterious castle […]Read More