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Street Fighter Monopoly and Mario Chess!

Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to a couple of videogame boardgames that are currently doing the rounds at the mment – namely a very nice Limited Edition Mario-themed Chess Set that comes in a nice tin. And, my personal favourite – the Street Fighter Monopoly set. Bagsie Chun-Li’s bracelet! 😉   To be […]Read More

Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM

Hello there! Here’s our list of Top Sexy Cosplays of MCM! We were lucky enough to see loads of gals dressed up as…oh…you’ve stopped reading. I’ll shut up and just let the pictures speak for themselves. ^-^   Al bhed her any day. *Pervy eyebrow raise*                  Xbox […]Read More

Top 10 Video Game Characters we love to hate

So, we all have our favourite video game characters. But here at Rice Digital, we’re feeling hot and bothered, so we thought we would list the characters we love to hate. In order to be as objective as possible, we got everyone on the team to share their thoughts and feelings, and although there were […]Read More

Blanka is a Troll

There’s nothing funnier than watching people fall over. Nothing! As proven by UK comedy ‘great’ You’ve Been Framed. For those of you not in the UK – this show involves home videos where people fall over. I have little doubt that whatever country you live in, you have an equivalent TV show.       […]Read More