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The Top 5 Tsundere’s in Anime

When it comes to anime, there is always competition. Whether it be sub vs dub, this shounen vs that shounen, who would win in a fight out of these 2. The list goes on and on, but… There is one battle that never ends and topples all others. Who is the best girl? Today I’m […]Read More

Tokyo Clanpool, Compile Heart’s new game for PS Vita

Compile Heart revealed this week-end a teaser website with a golden egg. Thanks to everyone’s effort, its shell has been broken apart and we now have access to a trailer for Tokyo Clanpool, a new game featuring the mysterious heroine and exclusive for PS Vita.      The countdown website has a new button which let us “meet the […]Read More

Compile Heart Reveals a Teaser Website with a Mysterious Egg

Compile Heart revealed a teaser website in which you can poke a mysterious egg using a finger, a hammer, a whip, a feather or a banana (why not after all?). Using the right tool will help hatching the egg. Otherwise, the poke counters will simply increase.     The following text can be read on the […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Boku no Shokora

Boku no Shokora, or “My Chocolate”, is a free game by BabyClan that was released for Valentine’s Day in 2011. The following year, Ouiratsuike released a translation for both it and its expansion. Boku no Shokora follows the story of Komachi, who is forced into a rather strange situation by Takaomi, the awkward son of […]Read More