Tokyo Clanpool, Compile Heart’s new game for PS Vita

Compile Heart revealed this week-end a teaser website with a golden egg. Thanks to everyone’s effort, its shell has been broken apart and we now have access to a trailer for Tokyo Clanpool, a new game featuring the mysterious heroine and exclusive for PS Vita. 



The countdown website has a new button which let us “meet the new heroine” and see the first trailer of Tokyo Clanpool.



The game will take place in a Japan that has been wiped out. The country is isolated and in the grip of monsters’ attacks. The heroine, Matsume Kannuki, is leading an organisation aimed to fight the monster. To do so, she will have to climb up the tower that appeared in the city alongside with other young young girls whose silhouettes can be seen below.


Tokyo Clanpool


Tokyo Clanpool will release for PS Vita. We will learn more about the game in the next issue of Dengeki Magazine releasing in two days in Japan.

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