The bags of Comiket 83

Yes, that’s right – I said BAGS. While the likes of E3 like to hand out oversized cardboard pouches with pictures of bald men holding big weapons – Comiket likes to do things differently. It likes to send a grown man walking though the train station holding something that might not give his mother a heart attack – but will definitely get him arrested.


So without further ado – I’d like to give you the Top Five Bags of Comiket 83!




It might not look like much – but it’s got it where it counts, making it abundantly clear what you’re taking home with you. The bag reads:


“On the way home from Comiket. I’ve bought loads of adult doujins. I’m looking forward to getting home mufufufufu.”



Advertisement for ‘Dangan’ one of those super-chunky manga that are so popular.

This one reads – “I can’t even use it to wipe my bum.”

A different kind of class that one.



A subtle one this one – but also kinda creepy.

This bag simulates what it must be like to hold a girl by the hand. A touching moment between father and daughter… no, wait, that came out all wrong…




Ladies and gentlemen the piece de resistance! Not to be outdone – and reaffirming the fact that we are in no way sexist – this bag simulates what it must be like to hold a grown man by the crotch.


The bag even has two sides in order to maximize comedy value.


If you’re wondering why it’s not a top five or a top ten – honestly, some of those bags? Definitely NSFW.

And we do still want to retain some dignity.


Thanks to My Game News Flash. 


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