Tokyo 13, Experimental Fake Social Network Puzzler, Launches for Free on iTunes & Google Play Today

Hitting the iTunes and Google Play store today for free is Tokyo 13, a new and experimental game from Vanguard Universal. It’s a part puzzle game, part VN, that sees you chatting to new friends on a “Fake Social Network”, solving Professor Layton-esque puzzles, and trying to get to the bottom of some strange occurrences.


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As you can tell from the trailer there is a vaguely creepy and unsettling tone to the story. The “Fake Social Network” mimics Facebook in its design, and you as the player can both see public “threads” and have private conversations with other fictional members of the website.




Users of the website have all come together to share their love of puzzles, which is how the game serves you the puzzles at first. Later on you will message other users as they’re out and and about, and you will help them solve some real world puzzles. For instance one person ends up missing their bus stop and needs to figure out where it’s heading, and another is doing a puzzle trail throughout the city that they’ll want you to help with.




As the story progresses your new friends get into some stranger and unsettling situations that you’ll need to help them out with using your mad puzzling skills. Some of them do get pretty tricky, but there is a hint system to help you out! Because the game is free to play, the hint system asks you to watch an ad before giving up the goods, which seems like a pretty fair way to do it. There are also a couple of extra “friends” you can buy for a small payment, kind of like DLC.


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Tokyo 13 is out today, and it’s pretty neat, and free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!


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