TyranoBuilder Steam Key Giveaway – Caption Competition

Do you what we love at Rice Digital even more than looking at images? Looking at images with text too. That’s why we always love a good old caption competition. Not only is it an excellent way of showering you all with prizes, but it also gives our eyes a nice little treat too.


TyranoBuilder is a rather excellent piece of software that makes creating your own visual novels easy. It’s all very streamlined and super intuitive, all wrapped up in a wonderfully easy to use UI. It’s simple stuff, but one of the most important things to get right with software like this, and they’ve really nailed it.


To celebrate it’s recent Steam release we’re giving away 3 Steam keys for TyranoBuilder!


Here’s the image!


TyranoBuilder Steam caption-contest


Enter in the Disqus comments below, or by @’ing us on Twitter (@RiceDigital), or by commenting on the Facebook post about this blog on our Facebook page!


Entries close at 12pm on Friday, with winners announced shortly thereafter, so you can spend the whole weekend cracking away at your new visual novel!


TyranoBuilder can be found on Steam here. Follow @NyuMedia to stay up to date with the game!

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