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Waifu Wednesday

I have come to talk about the last, but certainly not least, member of LazuLight — Finana Ryugu. I’ve been having a massive Nijisanji binge over the last few months after being introduced to them through Nishizono Chigusa, and I am so happy I did. Nijisanji have such a unique feel to them as a group of streamers and I can’t quite explain what that is, but they are becoming my fast favorites on the platform. 

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Finana Ryugu

Who is Finana Ryugu?

Finana Ryugu is the third and final member of Nijisanji’s first wave of English-speaking VTubers, LazuLight. Alongside her genmates Pomu Rainpuff and Elira Pendora, Finana lead the way for what is now four waves of English-speaking Nijisanji VTubers — LazuLight, Obsydia, Ethyria and Luxiem — and each and every one has been an amazing addition to an already amazing group of streamers. 

Finana is the aquatic representative of LazuLight, as her design is that of a mermaid who is said to have a heart as “clear and pure” as the ocean water. Let me tell you right now that if you think Finana is truly that, then you’re in for a massive surprise that you most definitely will not be expecting. 

Finana is a lover of gacha games, and I mean she must really love them; she not only plays a ton of them, but she also is not afraid to transform from a mermaid into a whale if she has to. When that girl wants a certain character in a gacha game, she will do anything to get it.

Finana Ryugu and friends in LazuLight

Why we love Finana

I will be the first to admit that when I saw Finana’s design and heard her extremely soft and high-pitched voice, I had pinned her as the staple “seiso” member of the Lazulight group — I couldn’t have been more wrong. In some ways, Finana is like a character from a raunchy manga that is living in our world. 

Our favorite NSFW feesh is an extremely kind, hardworking, and caring person, as is evident when she interacts with her genmates and other EN VTubers. However, she is also extremely transparent about who she is as a person — and this is personally one of the things that I like about her the most. 

It feels like every single time that Finana hosts a “Chatting” stream there is a news story that comes out about her, and almost every time it starts with her saying something along the lines of “I probably shouldn’t say this” and then immediately saying it anyway. Want some examples? The infamous egg story, the electric toothbrush, the commando Uber, the list goes on. 

Finana's egg

Why you’ll love Finana

If you’re a fan of VTubers then of course you’ll love Finana! She’s the type of person who, no matter what game — whether it’s a huge RPG or a mobile game like Honkai Impact — she will get deeply invested in the story and her emotional response to those games will remind you of why video games can be so much fun. 

In some ways, Finana fulfills the “Kusogaki” role within LazuLight as opposed to being the pure-hearted one — that role goes to Elira. Finana is always an incredibly interesting personality to watch whenever there are some of the bigger collaborations within Nijisanji EN — and in collabs with outside VTubers and agencies, too. One of the standouts is the Crab Game collab in which she becomes a being of pure chaos who pushes poor Pomu into a state of gamer rage.

If you want to join the Ryuguards for yourself, check out Finana over on YouTube.

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