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We’ve talked about JRock quite a bit lately here at Rice Digital, but just because we’ve been looking back at the year in Japanese music doesn’t mean that December didn’t give us some great tunes to listen to. As always, we’ve sifted through the new JRock music releases to give you the best of the best — hopefully they’ll help you start the new year on a high note.

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She by Oreskaband

Ska is a wonderful thing and there are few places where it has thrived quite like in Japan. Oreskaband is one of the best ska bands in the world, with effortlessly cool songs showing up on every album they release. This song might not feature the horn section that the genre is most often associated with, but the hallmark ska rhythm is there, as is the joy that makes it one of my favourite escapes from the busy, chaotic world.

She is a brilliantly chill song, with plenty of flow and a great mix of vocals and drums to keep us thinking of bright sunshine and a relaxing holiday, even as the nights are long and the days miserable. This is the perfect song to ring in the new year, with a hopeful bounce in your step and a smile on your face. JRock doesn’t get any more fun than this band right here.

Avalanche by UVERworld

There are few bands in the world that sound quite like UVERworld. They have more than 20 years touring and recording together under their belt, so they’ve had plenty of time to rack up hit after hit. With vocals that switch between heavily mixed and hauntingly raw at various points in this song, it captures a lot of what makes UVERworld one of the best bands in Japan.

UVERworld has featured on plenty of anime and video games over the years and this song sounds like it is destined for the same kind of exposure going forward. The lyrics seem perfect for the end of a year that has been difficult for many people, calling to mind a hope for a new world just on the horizon. Avalanche is a great, chilled out song compared to many of their tracks in the past and that is exactly what I need in the final week of 2021.

Nameless Warrior by Lovebites

Lovebites is one of the best metal bands on the planet. Every single one of them are world-class at what they bring to the band, from the powerful vocals of Asami to the shredding dual-guitars of Miyako and Midori to the pounding drums of Haruna to Miho’s brilliant work on the bass. This is a band that has all the talent in the world and, with a strong following overseas as well as in Japan, are poised for plenty of success in the future as well.

Nameless Warrior is quintessential Lovebites. Everything in the song plays particularly well together and it will bring to mind old school British metal like Iron Maiden. There are long, indulgent guitar riffs and intense notes that many vocalists would struggle to hit. This is the kind of song that hits a little differently each time you hear it. If you’re looking for something to put some power in your step as you ring in the new year. In fact, if you start the song at exactly 11:54:16 on New Year’s Eve, you’ll ring in the New Year with one of Asami’s best-ever notes. Just saying.

Thank you for sticking with us for a great year of JRock bands and songs. Here is to another year of great music to share and listen to.

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