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The spooky season has passed us by and we’re well and truly into Christmas music territory. If you can’t take hearing Mariah croon even one more time, then the JRock scene is here to help. The genre has relatively few seasonal tunes to get in the way of your listening pleasure. Here are some of my favourite tracks to close out 2022 in style.

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from now on by Band-Maid

By now, I don’t need to explain to you why you should be listening to Band-Maid. Not only are they some of the best musicians anywhere on the planet, but they’ve got the perfect mix of style and substance to take over the world of metal. They are a JRock band that has never failed to deliver with their music and this track is no exception.

Interestingly, they’ve done a music video for from now on, as it is an entirely instrumental track. There is nowhere for the band to hide without Saiki Atsumi’s vocals leading the way. With their skills laid bare, Band-Maid doesn’t disappoint. Drummer Akane Hirose, sometimes overshadowed by guitarist Kanami Tono’s incredible skill, shines brightest here. She holds down this track in a way that very few drummers on the planet could and makes this a surprisingly memorable lead track from Band-Maid’s newest EP.

Small White by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 

In a shocking development, I am here to tell you that I adore ska music, and few do it better in the world of JRock than Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. They lean into a big band sound while still keeping the upbeat energy that ska is known for, making them perfect for putting a little pep in your step when you feel the winter blues sinking in.

This song benefits from Ishihara Shinya’s crisp, belting vocal style. He takes a break from fronting the band Saucy Dog – another that is well worth checking out – to sing on this track and it sounds like he is having a great time doing it. His voice fits brilliantly with the dramatic style of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he had always been in this band. I adore the energy of this song and can see it getting heavy rotation on my Spotify account over the next few weeks.

Sweet Christmas by Shonen Knife

Okay, I know I promised no Christmas music but this one gets a pass because it’s Shonen Knife. They’ve been touring together for more than 40 years, making them one of the most enduring faces in punk rock. They’re due to tour the UK next year after a few years away because of COVID and are high on my list of my most anticipated gigs of the year.

The joy of this song is that it focuses on the most important part of Christmas – the food. It is a JRock song all about the cakes, candies, and nuts that we all devour by the pound each year, and, just like the foodstuffs mentioned in the song, I can’t get enough of it. All of this food talk is accompanied by Shonen Knife’s signature pop-punk energy and solid rhythm section.

Got another set of tracks that you’re in love with or a band that you think our readers would like? We’re always on the lookout for something new to listen to so let us know in the Rice Digital Friday Letters page.

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