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Music never takes a month off, which can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it means I get to hear new tracks almost every single day and a curse because keeping up with the world of JRock is a full-time job. Fortunately, I’ve got just enough time to tackle this burden for you each month to bring you the best new and old music to listen to.

We’ve got even more music on the Rice Digital Spotify Playlist, which is updated each month to bring you our favourite JRock tracks to check out.

Line of Sight by Scandal

It is no secret that Scandal is one of my all-time favourite bands, especially after seeing them live last year, so I am going to immediately devour any new music they offer up. Just over a year after their last album Mirror dropped, they’ve proven that they’re not ready to slow down just yet.

Line of Sight has more of the JRock edge that I was missing when listening to Mirror and feels like it would have been right at home on 2020’s Kiss from the Darkness. Tomomi’s bass sounds particularly impressive on this track. It still remains to be seen if this is a teaser of their next full album or if it is simply the band dropping a new track to make sure their fans don’t forget about them. As though we ever could.

Mirror Mirror by BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL is not in the habit of releasing new music very often, so when their new album THE OTHER ONE dropped it was kind of a big deal in the world of JRock. The entire album feels like a more grown-up, artistic take on the band’s kawaii-metal persona, with tracks that vary wildly across its playtime.

Mirror Mirror feels like a bridge between classic BABYMETAL and this modern take on their sound. It has a more complex musical arrangement, with more sophisticated instrumental sounds along with the impressively powerful vocals the band has always been known for. With BABYMETAL dropping new hints at a world tour coming up to support THE OTHER ONE, it is worth giving it a listen while you have the chance.

Amaryllis by Unlucky Morpheus

Unlucky Morpheus is one of those bands that deserves far more attention than they usually get. They occupy a strange niche within JRock. They have described their sound as “technical melodic speed metal” which should be a whole collection of contradictions but they work beautifully together in the way the band balances them.

Amaryllis is a great introduction to this unique Japanese metal band. The mixture of the violin and Fuki’s soaring and dramatic vocals is perfect. It is a fun track that will give you a welcome boost of energy as you go about your day. Be sure to stick around for the guitar solo at the 2:38 mark in the music video.

Eyes of Doubt by Bridear

I have terrible news for you all. It looks like Bridear has been holding out on their international fans. The Japanese version of Aegis of London… Live! came with a previously unreleased bonus track, which the band has just released a music video for. Their album Aegis of Athena was my album of the year last year, beating out stiff competition from bands like Oreskaband, Scandal, and Otoboke Beaver.

Eyes of Doubt would have been perfectly at home on Aegis of Athena, making me think that it was cruelly cut from the final release. It makes sense, as the album is already packed full of great songs, and this would have felt very similar to songs like Determination. Still, the fact that I can compare it to my all-time favourite song by this band should tell you just how good it is.

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