Free! -Eternal Summer- licensed for UK release

Free! -Eternal Summer- has been licensed by Anime Limited for release in the UK this Summer, after fans have strongly voiced their want for it.
Available on both Blu-ray and DVD, the release of the second season will include all thirteen episodes as well as the OVA episode, and both English and Japanese voice options. There will be a collector’s edition too, although details have not been revealed yet, and President of Anime Limited Andrew Partridge has said, “So it’s finally happening. You have no idea how many people we’ve spoken to at events and how many messages we’ve received from fans asking if there’s any chance of a release of Free! in the UK.” So if there’s a show you want licensed, so let your voices be heard! I’m not entirely sure where the first season is, though.

You can expect us to review Free! -Eternal Summer- when it’s closer to release.

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