The Best Pokemon Sword and Shield Memes

Along with every Pokemon release, comes a vast amount of Pokemon memes. We’ve given them all time to settle down and we’ve picked out our favourites that make us crease. From Ball Guy to Hop, here are the best Pokemon Sword and Shield memes on the internet.


No matter what you think of Sword and Shield, everyone loved Ball Guy.


Ball Guy pokemon memes


Hop loves nothing more than a sweet, sweet type matchup, and he was surprised every time.


Pokemon meme hop


Speaking of Hop, did anyone actually fight him at a similar level?


pokemon meme hop battle


Hop isn’t the only one obsessed with battling.


pokemon meme scarred kid


We spent around 4 hours in the Wild Area before attempting the Grass Gym…


pokemon meme wild area


During that time, we felt the fear of God.


pokemon meme wild area chase


But when we finally reached the gym, it was a bop.


pokemon meme gym music


Have we missed anything that would make your list? Let us know below!

Pete Davison
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