Chou no Doku -Ripple Effect Stories- Released On Mobile

The well known and well adored otome game “Chou no Doku: Ripple Effect Stories” has been released on Android and iOS devices by AbracadabraGames.

For the first time ever available for Western audiences, an English translated port of the original game “Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari (蝶の毒 華の鎖)” on PC from 2011 has been released. This does not include original 18+ material and is safe for work.

The plot follows noblewoman Yuriko celebrating her birthday in the Taisho Era. This celebration however is schemed by her father who is attempting to find a wealthy bachelor for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The party is then disrupted and attacked by rogues. As Yuriko defends herself to fight off the threat with a wooden sword, a man called Junichi Shiba comes to her rescue.

As Yuriko, help her defy this fate she does not want for herself. The common route consisting of the first 50 chapters are free to play. Prices are currently half price for the 4 routes, and as a bundle set altogether.

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Lilia Hellal
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