Digimon Adventure Anime Trailer Released

 Digimon Adventure Anime Trailer Released

We’ve got a sneak peek at the new Digimon Adventure anime from Toei! The new series will tell a fresh story in the Digimon universe but it’ll still feature the classic characters, known as the ‘DigiDestined’ – so you won’t feel too lost if you’re a long time fan!



Watch the trailer:



The Japanese broadcast will start on April 5th, and features all the classic Digimon that we know and love – but in a new, modern setting. I have mixed feelings about this so far, it’s classed as a reboot but I’m not sure the new story will be worth telling when we’re using the same DigiDestined and Digimon – I could’ve done with something fresh! Either way, I’ll be sure to tune in for the first few episodes!


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