Djeeta Joins Granblue Fantasy: Versus April 7

The next character in the Granblue Fantasy: Versus character pass is Djeeta, and she’ll be heading to the game on April 7 – so there’s not long to wait at all! Her trailer has been leaked early, which shows off a bunch of gameplay, and we have the official details via the original video description.


Djeeta will be joining the roster on April 7 via the character pass set or just by purchasing her outright. You can catch the trailer right here:



djeeta gbvs


Here’s the description:


Djeeta (voiced by Hisako Kanemoto)


Djeeta, who is a capable captain in her own right, joins the fight in Granblue Fantasy: Versus! Sharing a similar skill set as Gran, she’s a great fighter for anyone!


Additional Character Set: Djeeta (800 yen)


Playable character: Djeeta

Lobby avatar (x1)

Support character icon (x1)

Additional quests (x2)

Granblue Fantasy (mobile game) bonus content: “Gran & Djeeta GBVS Ver.” Outfits – With these outfits, you can set Gran and Djeeta’s skills and animations to match the ones seen in Granblue Fantasy: Versus.


We also know that the trailer for Zooey will be coming on the 17 April!


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