Duo of Final Fantasy VII mobile titles revealed

Following the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PS5, Square Enix took to Twitter to reveal two mobile games set in the Final Fantasy VII universe.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier was appropriately the first to be shown, taking place before the main game’s story. It’s… a battle royale, featuring SOLDIER candidates battling across Midgar.

Secondly, and potentially more exciting (or groan inducing if you’re not a fan of previous spin-off media) is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

Using the tag line “Another Possibility for a Remake”, Ever Crisis seems to be combining both the original game’s story with its many spin-offs.

This not only includes Advent Children and the fan favourite Crisis Core, but the strange PS2 third-person shooter Dirge of Cerberus as well. Even Before Crisis, an old Japanese-only mobile game, is planned to be represented in some way.

The First Soldier will arrive later this year, with Ever Crisis releasing in 2022. Ever Crisis is going to be an episodic game, possibly in a similar vein to Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

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