Everybody’s Golf Swings Its Way to Mobile

Nintendo isn’t the only one who is expanding to mobile. Sony is planing to slowly creep to mobile starting with the Japanese and Asian market. Titled only Everybody’s Golf, Sony Interactive Entertainment released its first mobile game for Android and iOS.



This isn’t the only Sony title in the works. The developers at ForwardWorks are also making mobile versions of Arc The Lad, Wild Arms, What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord?, Pa Rappa The Rapper, Doko demo Issho as well as an original title named Sora to umi no Aida.


With the latest installment of Everybody’s Golf just a month away for the PlayStation 4, this Android and iOS version would seem like a innocent diversion if not for the fact that it is currently region locked.


Check out the videos which showcase the gameplay, courses, and character upgrades bellow:





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