The Evil Within: The Consequence Review (PS4)

 The Evil Within: The Consequence Review (PS4)

The Evil Within: The Consequence is the second instalment of a two part DLC, which follows the story from the detective Kidman’s perspective. While the first part was a departure from the original both in story and gameplay, this one returns to it’s roots.




The story in The Evil Within: The Consequence continues from where we left off last time in The Assignment. Inspector Julie Kidman retraces some old grounds alongside some new while giving more details about her involvement with the whole scheme. This is the second and final part of the Julie Kidman’s story arc.



While The Consequence manages to give us more details about this mysterious Ruvik/Ruben character and some intriguing aspects of Julie’s story, they don’t bring much new to the table. As for giving a finale to the story it feels too rushed and convoluted, much like in the original game.


There are however some new elements to the gameplay. In the beginning you can use glowsticks, which are convenient for lighting the path in front of you. It feels great throwing them into the pitch black. Then the game introduces a new way to get rid of enemies – shoving them off the walls.



While these new mechanics are fun to use they don’t get used much and before long the game transforms from the stealth survival horror game to all out shooter. If you liked the shoot outs in the original this time it comes back full force, even with an increased difficulty.


The Consequence starts out with the atmosphere matched to The Assignment or better, but fails to retain it till the end. Kidman is this time preoccupied retracing the old grounds including the very beginning of the original game. There are a few new areas to the game, but nothing we haven’t seen before in The Assignment or the original game. There are no new enemies except for the final boss.



To match the more action oriented gameplay there are less puzzles to solve. There are safes with hidden pieces of a letter inside similarly to The Assignment, but aside from this very few actual puzzles. You can also collect the music notes which grant you music in the main menu. I loved the puzzles in The Assignment so I yearned for more from The Consequence.


The Evil Within: The Consequence will certainly appeal more to the fans of the original game. If feels more like a continuation of that, rather than of The Assignment DLC. If you like stealth more the latter will appeal to you.

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