SWERY Confirms D4 PC

 SWERY Confirms D4 PC

Some people call Deadly Premonition one of the best games ever made. These people are more than likely wrong, but it is fantastic, largely thanks to the quirky ambition of its director/designer/writer  Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro (sometimes “Swery65”). As such, some fans of the game were disappointed when his next work, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (no its not a part of the Dexter series of books), was exclusive to Xbox One.


Deadly Premonition itself was initially exclusive to Xbox 360, but it eventually hit PS3 and PC as Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut which was in some ways a lot better, and in some ways not at all (most notably being a lot less stable and prone to crashing). SWERY fans held out for something similar for D4, and now, in an interview with Famitsu our dreams were confirmed.




To avoid any doubt someone asked SWERY to confirm on Twitter, and confirm it he did.




The Xbox One release of D4 featured a fair amount of Kinect controls. How this will be translated to PC is as of yet unclear.



The game is episodically structured, so it could be that SWERY will find the PC platform more ideal should any future episodes of D4 be developed. We can but hope.


I’ll be picking this up day one. How about you?




Also, here’s a Mega64 video about D4:


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