Fifth Persona 5 Party Member Revealed

 Fifth Persona 5 Party Member Revealed

While we’ve only had a few trailers so far to get to grips with the Persona 5 cast they’ve been going down a treat so far. The protagonist seems compelling, mysterious, and interesting, and Ryuji and Anne followed suit. Morgana, the “Teddie” of the group, also looks amazing. To be fair we’d be happy just getting to know that crew for a bit, but we’re not complaining that a fifth Persona 5 party member has been revealed!


It’s been revealed in a Japanese magazine that Yusuke Kitagawa will be the name of the new party member, and he will be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Assassination Classroom, BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Chobits). He will use Goemon as his Persona.


ws002340 Fifth Persona 5 Party Member


Kitagawa is an honor student studying art at Kosei Public High School. Like the protagonist who lives in a coffee shop owned by friends of his parents, Kitagawa is also living away from home as a live-in disciple to a famous Japanese painter.


persona-5-09-20-15-1 Fifth Persona 5 Party Member

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