Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Being Released Early In Some Locations

To counteract the fact that COVID-19 has affected shipping of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix released copies to retailers earlier than usual. This has meant that some players have received their physical copies over a week early, namely in Australia – who have taken to Twitter to express their delight.


final fantasy vii remake


Video game shops are closed here in the UK due to the pandemic, but it looks like they’re still open in Australia, and they’re even giving out copies of Final Fantasy VII. This comes after Square confirmed that some people wouldn’t be receiving their copies of the game on time. Luckily for Australian players, it has gone in the complete opposite route, and they’re now playing the game!


Square Enix did realise this may happen, and released a statement urging for players with an early copy not to spoil the game for others who would have to wait until release day or later.



Of course, plenty of people in Australia will stick to the guidelines set out by Square Enix, but others will be all too happy to spoil – so be careful!



Final Fantasy VII Remake in the wild:






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