Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Visual Is Beautiful

 Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Visual Is Beautiful

Square Enix have blessed us this day with an incredible new upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake key visual – the visual features all of the gang that we expect to feature in this first episode of the remake, and man, it’s easily wallpaper material. We need to play this game.



Here’s the art:


final fantasy VII remake key visual



Click this image for high res version:



Yes I’m already using this image as my wallpaper, and thought it best to share with you all, so we can all enjoy this beautiful piece. The image also gives us another look at Red XIII, who was only recently revealed in the latest trailer. With the game being split into multiple parts, I did think the above part of the game may be where we see the first split, but the reveal of this image so early makes me think I was wrong.


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