Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker officially released as server issues continue

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s early access period has ended, and the game is now available to all players — at least in theory.

Since early access, the game’s servers have dealt with an overwhelming amount of players (the Steam version alone peaked at nearly 100k concurrent players). This has led to a number of issues with queues, requiring players to wait for hours before getting in. The now notorious 2002 error also means that you can be kicked from the queue at any point, potentially setting you back to square one.

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida apologised for the server problems over the weekend, granting players a week of free game time, which might increase if things don’t continue to improve. Server maintenance will also take place soon to try and fix some of the queue errors.

The success of Endwalker isn’t overly surprising — Final Fantasy XIV’s playerbase was already increasing ahead of 6.0, and the failure of other MMOs has only brought in more players — though it does mean that Square Enix must prepare to fix things before the game’s next expansion in a few years time.

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