Final Fantasy XIV’s Valentione’s and Little Ladies’ Day 2021 events will arrive on the same day

Two of Final Fantasy XIV‘s yearly events, Valentione’s and Little Ladies’ Day, are being combined into one this year.

Valentione’s and Little Ladies’ Day 2021 arrives on February 10 at 8AM GMT, ending around a month later on March 8.

Being the combination of two events, you’d think that there would be extra rewards, but the official website only lists a hat and a housing item. Said hat is seemingly an edited version of one that already exists in game — which also happens to be invisible if you’re playing as a Viera or Hrothgar.

Final Fantasy XIV Valentione Little Ladies Day 2021 rewards

Of course, the reason behind both events being combined into one (and the lack of rewards overall) is the ongoing pandemic. It was why Patch 5.3 took around half a year to be released, and caused events like All Saints’ Wake 2020 to be cancelled.

At this point, a large portion of the development team’s resources are likely focused on Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion which is set to be announced this weekend, along with Patch 5.5.

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