Final Fantasy XV Update Adds Stinky Tofu, But What is Stinky Tofu?

It’s not a particularly huge one, but Square Enix have announced the patch notes for tomorrow’s Final Fantasy XV update. The biggest thing might be the results of the Taiwanese questionnaire, which adds a new food dish into the game — “Mellow Tasting Stinky Tofu”. Because if tofu ain’t stinky, I ain’t eating it.


Stinky tofu is a fermented dish, popular in Taiwan and the rest of Asia. I asked Bryce about it, and he told me “it’s stinky, but it tastes so good”. I guess you could compare it to something like blue cheese, natto (Japanese fermented soybeans), or any other rich, fermented food.


Final Fantasy XV Update Adds Stinky Tofu (& Other Updates) 1
Thanks to Silicon Era for the stinky tofu pic.


It’s more of a street food than a main restaurant item. As is depicted in Ignis’ version of the dish, stinky tofu is often accompanied by cabbage, and a chilli dipping sauce. Most of the time stinky tofu is deep-fried, which is how Ignis appears to have prepared his dish. But, it can also be eaten cold, stewed, steamed, or any number of other preparation methods.


Traditionally, stinky tofu is fermented in a brine mixture (the contents of which can vary) for several months. However, there are some mass-production methods that simply add a smell to tofu rather than truly fermenting it. I suppose that makes them closer to just “smelly tofu”. I don’t know where Ignis is getting his hook up on long-fermented tofu in Eos, but I can’t imagine he would take a shortcut like that. How stinky is stinky tofu? Take a look at these people sniffing some stinky, stinky tofu.



The invention of stinky tofu is generally attributed to someone named Wang Zhi-He, who was stuck in Beijing selling tofu in order to make a living. It seems he had a lot of unsold tofu at one point, so he put it all in a jar after cubing it. After a long time had passed, he opened the jar to find it had all turned green and stinky.


Rather than throw the tofu away, he gave it a go — maybe out of desperation, maybe out of hubris; nobody is sure. Either way, he loved that stinky tofu, and started selling it as a special item in his tofu store.


Final Fantasy XV Update Adds Stinky Tofu (& Other Updates) 2
Real life stinky tofu pic from Vision Times


But stinky tofu isn’t all that’s being added to Final Fantasy XV. The update is adding some other stuff too:

– The winner of the second photo competition will be displayed at the Hammerhead Restaurant

– A survey about upcoming updates has been added to the title screen

– Fixed a bug in the Timed Quest Rankings

– Fixed some other bugs


You can get your stinky tofu on when the Final Fantasy XV patch goes live on 24th May 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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