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Final Fantasy XV Is the Perfect Game for the Lockdown

Final Fantasy is always a good choice when it comes to spending a lot of time, and that’s something which most of us currently have in surplus. Final Fantasy XV promised to provide more opportunity for that than any other single-player game in the franchise, it consigning the traditional linearity to history and instead putting […]Read More


We reported earlier this year, during our coverage of the Paris Fan Fest, that FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration event was coming to Square-Enix’s hugely popular MMO. It’s now finally here, with a familiar face now appearing in Hydaelyn.   From today until May 27th 2019, the “A Nocturne for Heroes” event will be live. During […]Read More

Rice Recommends – Best Modern JRPGs

Welcome back to another Rice Recommends, this time taking a look at the best modern JRPGs. With it being one of our favourite genres, this was quite a tough one to pull together as there have been so many good games in the genre recently.   As such, as a quick caveat, we’ve kept it […]Read More

Episode Ardyn Release Date And More Details Revealed for Final

I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy XV to the point that I’ve welcomed all of the additional DLC stories, as they’ve given further information about the world. As I found the antagonist to be possibly the most captivating villain in a long time, I’ve been waiting for the Episode Ardyn release date eagerly.   Square-Enix have […]Read More


We’ve just about calmed down from yesterday (male Viera pls),  and the Sunday of FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest 2019 in Paris has just kicked off with the reveal of a FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration with the popular MMO.   Set to go live in mid-April, so before the Shadowbringers expansion, this collaboration was announced […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled as Hajime Tabata Leaves Square-Enix

Final Fantasy XV has garnered widespread mixed response since it released back in 2016. I personally really enjoyed the game, despite its shortcomings, but I can’t deny that the post-release schedule of DLC has been somewhat insulting to those that purchased the title on day one, with a copious amount of post release DLC. However, […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV x Terra Wars Collaboration is Live Now

Square Enix is surprising us all today with a Final Fantasy XV x Terra Wars collaboration, which is now live as a free update on Final Fantasy XV, and it can be played once you’ve hit chapter 5. Sarah from Terra Wars joins Noctis as they team up to escape a new location in the […]Read More

Final Fantasy Games Make Their Way to Switch

During last night’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that not one, not two, not three, but eight Final Fantasy games are making their way to Nintendo Switch within the year, including classics such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.   The eight games coming to Switch are the three […]Read More

Noctis Joins Tekken 7 Next Week

Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum is joining the fight in Tekken 7, and you’ll be able to get your hands on him on 20th March. He will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC worldwide, and there’s a new trailer showcasing his moves and various outfits.     Check out Noctis’ trailer […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Releases 9th Feb on Android

That’s right, forget the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition — Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is the version you want. It’s a sort of “de-make” of Final Fantasy XV in a chibi style, and it’ll be releasing on iOS/Android as soon as 9th February. And it’ll be coming to Windows 10 at some point too! […]Read More