Guilty Gear Strive delayed again, now launching in June

Guilty Gear Strive has been delayed for a third time, with its release date pushed back to June 11 2021.

Having originally been set to release this April (and some time in 2020 before that), developer Arc System Works has stated that more time is needed to “improve the game’s quality”.

This comes after Guilty Gear Strive’s recent open beta which concluded last month. The developer is planning on using feedback from the beta to work on certain aspects of the game, including the poorly received online lobbies.

With how much has changed since the game’s initial reveal, it’ll be interesting to see what the final version of Guilty Gear Strive will look like. Drastic changes to lobbies seems unlikely at this point, but improvements to their current implementation will be more than welcome.

One downside to this delay is that Strive is now releasing only a day after Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on the PS5. Bad news for fans of both fighting games and RPGs, but it’ll hopefully be worth it in the end.

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